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                                       By Brian J. Duffy

I was deeply saddened today, as I learned of the passing of former Chatham Police Chief, Danny AlIen. I first met Danny in the summer of 1968, as he was interviewed for the position of Chatham's Municipal Police Chief. As town clerk, I motored to Amherst with his contract for his signature shortly thereafter.

Danny was responsible for recruiting eight men off the street. He trained them into a professional police force himself. To value the contributions made by any one person, one should take into account both his ability and effectiveness in performing the duties incumbent upon him in his field of service, as well as the manner in which he serves his community as a whole. On these two accounts, Danny Allen, who passed away in his beloved, adopted community of Chatham, following a short illness, deserves of high tribute and warm praise. As police chief, he administered the affairs of the Chatham Police Department, giving tirelessly of his time and effort in performing the many tasks associated with the important position he filled. He served with ability and competence throughout his lengthy span of public service.

Danny Allen in his later years also served the new city of Miramichi as a city councillor and Region 7 Hospital board member. In these two portfolios, he applied himself with zealous energy in acquiring a comprehensive knowledge of the many problems involved in municipal as well as hospital administration.

In his incumbency in public service through his many years in Chatham/Miramichi, Danny made a valuable contribution to the advancement of the city of Miramichi. Danny was a man who was at all times ready and willing to actively participate in every worthwhile endeavor for the common good and the benefit of his fellow citizens.

Danny enjoyed widespread respect and high esteem among the citizens of his adopted community. He was a man of sterling worth. The City of Miramichi has indeed lost a competent and devoted public servant, and he will be remembered for his faith and service to the community. I shall miss him dearly!

Source: Miramichi Leader – May 24, 2002

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Dan Allen was buried Saturday following a police funeral at St. Andrew's United Church. AlIen died May 21 at the age of 70.

He was Chatham's first police chief, a former councillor at large with the city and a former member of the Region 7 hospital board. The following is his eulogy, as delivered by Ron Cronkhite, retired police chief of the Miramichi Police Department:

As we come together today, to remember Dan Allen, we each come with our own special memories in mind. Some of us have memories of a loving husband, father, and grandfather. Some of us remember a caring, dedicated public servant making our community a safer place to live.

What do I say about the life of Dan AlIen? It is unrealistic to give my friend's life story. However, I will speak briefly on his career as a policeman, which spanned nearly 40 years. The reality for Dan was that policing was his life. Dan began his career in policing in Nova Scotia, leaving the town of Amherst as a detective in 1968 to head the newly formed Municipal Police Force here in Chatham. Dan spent more than 20 years as the town police chief, and upon retirement, continued to service his community as a councillor in the new City of Miramichi.

Dan was a proud man. He served as a police chief and city councillor with distinction. There are many stories that could be told by a great many people in attendance today about the times of Dan Allen while police chief in the town of Chatham and of his days in Amherst. I have heard many of them. Some from Dan.

Dan's techniques and methods used in investigations would fill a textbook. Dan was close to all his men and his peers in the policing industry. Dan solved the problem of remembering names by calling everyone boy.

It is also worth mentioning that in addition to his love of policing, Dan was also a lover of the great outdoors, enjoying his time spent with his friends in hunting, fishing, and other recreational activities, again you could fill a couple of volumes of stories pertaining to his hunting and fishing expeditions, and as Doreen can attest to, Dan took great pride in his home, spending many hours in beautifying his house and grounds. Without evolvement there's rarely Commitment. Dan was Involved and committed. When he took up a cause, he followed it through. He was very persistent and loved a challenge. One of Dan's greatest accomplishments was that of being instrumental in the establishment of a police training facility in Atlantic Canada. Dan served on the first advisory council being appointed by the Province of NB, representing police chiefs of this province. In this undertaking, the Atlantic Police Academy in P.E.I. became a reality.

"From this beginning, policing standards evolved with all police in our province being professionally trained. I met Dan at this time as I represented the Police Association at the academy and we had been friends since that time. We had a close relationship over the past 20 years, sharing many experiences dealing with policing issues, as well as sharing many relaxed times with our colleagues. Dan played an active role with his colleagues in Atlantic Canada in promoting the enhancement of policing.

Strains overcome by bond of friendship. As in any relationship, Dan and I had our strained moments. However, as in many relationships, reconciliation took place, with a greater bond prevailing. It is obvious from the attendance here today Dan was held in high regard by his community, neighbors, and colleagues. Dan would be pleased. There is a saying: Stay in the middle of the road too long and you're apt to get run over. Dan was never in the middle of the road. He made it clear where he stood. He pursued his endeavors always in the best interest of his community. Dan AlIen had a most fulfilling, happy and self-satisfying life span of nearly 71 years. He gave his utmost in the service to his community and to his profession. I believe the greatest tribute I can pay to Dan Allen from a police perspective is that he was a policeman's policeman.

Quoting from the Policeman's Prayer to St. Michael: When we lay down our night sticks, enroll us in your Heavenly Force where we will be as proud to guard the throne of God as we have been to guard the city of men. I know Dan has been enrolled in that heavenly force, enjoying a new audience for his many parables.

Goodbye my friend, I will miss you.

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