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                                              GLADYS BRENNAN
                                             By Margery MacRae

Gladys Brennan celebrated her 95th birthday on Monday, Feb. 25. Until recently she lived in her own home in Blissfield, but is now a resident at Wall’s Special Care Home in Blackville.

She was only 19 when she married her husband, the late Leo Brennan.

Born in Smith’s Crossing, Brennan was a daughter of Martin and Alexina Vickers. The 95 year old is still bright and alert and reads the newspapers and other material every day.

“She has never been sick in her life and doesn’t take any medication. It looks so strange when Ruth (special care home manager) sets out the medication at the dinner table for all the other residents (all of them younger than Brennan) and Grammy is the only one who doesn’t have to take any,” said her daughter-in-law, Lillian.

Brennan has always been active and even though she is no longer living in her own home is not content to sit and do nothing. “She makes her own bed and also helps with the dishes. She has company quite often, too, which she likes,” Lillian added.

Leo passed away 39 years ago when their youngest child was 18.

A family birthday party was held in Blissfield last Sunday.

Source: Miramichi Leader – February 27, 1991

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