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                                          WAYNE CAMERON
                                          By Dave Butler

Miramichiers who knew Wayne Cameron say they will miss the popular teacher and sports figure who died Tuesday.

“Wayne was a long-time great and active citizen of this community,” said Mayor Peter Murphy of Newcastle. “In many fields, in fact, in all the fields of activity that make a community worth living in, especially in education and sports - in those fields, he was a leader, well-known and highly-respected as such in all New Brunswick. Wayne was a go-getter in whatever he did, a real driving force in the community, the kind of person with the vision and vitality to make a lot of good things happen. He was a most valuable person in our community and Wayne will be greatly missed.”

“Mr. Cameron was a first-class teacher and we all loved and respected him,” said Sheila Murphy, a former student in Cameron’s history classes at Harkins Junior High School. “It’s difficult for me on short notice to put into words everything we thought of him. He really brought his classes and his subject alive and he did this consistently. He took a great personal interest in his students and respected everyone as an individual. He was one of those rare teachers that every student wants, but that come along only once or twice in a (school) lifetime. Mr. Cameron was a rare and outstanding teacher and we will always remember him.”

“Everyone in the profession thought very highly of Wayne,” said Bob Fitzpatrick of Chatham, who is serving his second term as president of the New Brunswick Teacher’s Association. “In addition to his regular classroom duties, his knowledge of his material, his presentation of it, and his commitment to his students, he gave a lot of free time to his students. He was very involved in extracurricular activities - he was always ready to go, so to speak, that extra mile, and that dedication his colleagues and his many students will always remember him.”

“I remember a lot of remarkable things about Wayne, but perhaps what I remember best, if I have to recall one aspect of a lot of happy memories, was his genuine love for sports,” said Peter Manderson of Loggieville, who had some outstanding years in the late ‘60s with the senior Newcastle Northmen hockey team. “In this respect, he was a rarity nowadays. Today, so many, too many really, people who are ‘into sports’ for what they might get out of them. Oh yes, Wayne liked to win - and who doesn’t? - and he was a competitor, but he always put fun above everything else. He never said this in so many words, but his attitude was that ‘if it isn’t fun, why play the game?’ He had a very well-balanced outlook, the right perspective. And there is too little of that around today, which is why we need more people like Wayne Cameron.”

“When we thought of coming to the Miramichi some four years ago, we wanted a local sports-person to help us with some background knowledge,” said Dale Hicks of Moncton, president of the Miramichi Gagnon Packers hockey team. “We (Hicks and Packers’ owner, Edmund Gagnon) asked a bunch of people from all over the province and they told us that Wayne was one of the most knowledgeable and reliable sports’ people in all of New Brunswick. And they were absolutely right. So thanks in good measure to Wayne’s advice, the Packers came to Newcastle and in their first year won a Canadian Championship. Wayne obviously knew his hockey, but he knew a lot more, too, and as he always was, Wayne was a tremendous help to us. He was a first-class sportsman, and a great all-round guy. I can well imagine that Newcastle and the entire Miramichi, not to say the whole province, will very much miss him.”

“Wayne was precisely the kind of role-model the CAHA has been trying to recruit for several years now. He had an ideal sense of sports’ priorities, he always put the game and humanistic qualities first,” said Joe Richard of Saint John and formerly of Chatham. Wayne represented and daily demonstrated all of the qualities the CAHA works at developing. He was a sportsman and a gentleman of the first class.”

Source: Miramichi Leader – July 13, 1990

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