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                                   CECIL & FRANCES DAVIDSON 
                                        Wed 65 Years
                                      By Margery MacRae

Cecil and Frances Davidson of Upper Derby celebrated their 65 wedding anniversary on Nov. 25. Held at St. Mark's United Church Hall in Quarryville, the open house was attended by about 75 friends and relatives.

On Nov. 25, 1929, Frances, Gallan, who lived in Doyle's Brook, crossed the ice to meet her groom-to-be, and the happy couple went to Newcastle where they were married at the United Church. "It was very cold that year, bitterly cold, and the river was frozen over so that I was able to walk across the day of our wedding," Frances recalled on her anniversary. "It had been frozen over for about four days, and before that I had been crossing in a boat.

Since it was in the time of the depression, times were very hard, so the young couple spent the first two years of their married life with Cecil's parents before building their own home near the homestead.

"Cecil worked at whatever jobs he could get - mostly odd jobs and working in the woods," Frances recalled. In later years, her husband became a stationery engineer, and was employed by North Shore Construction, and then worked at the high school in Newcastle until his retirement 21 years ago.

The attendants at the wedding 65 years ago were the late Edith MacLean and Alex Gerrish of Quarryville.

The couple raised a family of three, one daughter and two sons. They have 13 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren. A granddaughter looked after the guest book at Saturday's reception.

Guests enjoyed a buffet lunch, prepared by family and friends, which also included a two tier anniversary cake made by a family friend.  Greetings were received from Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Governor-General Ramon Hnatyshyn, N.B. Lieutenant-Governor Margaret McCain, MLA Brent Taylor and M.P. Charles Hubbard.  Many gifts, money and good wishes were received by the honoured couple, for which they expressed their thanks. 

Cecil and Frances say they attribute their many years of happiness to the fact that they get along so well together. "We always got along well for all of our 65 years together," Frances said. We don't fight, and we have lots of good friends. We have no bad friends," she laughed.

Frances was one of 12 children herself, and had to leave school while still quite young to look after younger brothers and sisters, so says she has had lots of practice in learning how to get along with family members.

Both Cecil and Frances, who are 86 and 85 years old respectively, are in quite good health and remain active in their community and church.

Source: Miramichi Leader – December 06, 1994

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