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                                              MacDonald Honoured by Smithsonian Institute

Wilmot MacDonald, 82, of Glenwood has received an honour that few people can even dream about.

The world famous Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. has taken Mr. MacDonald and two of his many folksongs back to the Institute on film. Three members of the Institute came to Mr. MacDonald’s home on Monday to record and film his two songs: The Lumberman’s Alphabet and Peter Emberly.

In past years Mr. MacDonald visited Sandy Ives, a professor at the University of Maine in Orono. When there he sang his many folksongs for the students. “I used to go down for two days at a time and sing for over 400 students.”

Mr. Ives took a great interest in the works of Mr. MacDonald and got in touch with the Smithsonian and suggested that they get his stories and songs on tape for interested groups. Ralph Rinzler of the Institute then called Mr. MacDonald from Texas on Saturday to discuss plans for filming. “He asked me all kinds of questions and told me he was coming up on Monday.”

“They came right to the house. I didn’t even have to move. They told me to be natural,” said Mr. MacDonald.

“On Tuesday morning they came back and we talked for a long time and then they left to catch their plane on Tuesday afternoon.”

Source: Northumberland News - July 30, 1980

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