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NBGS Miramichi Branch - WIKI

The purpose of this section of the NBGS MIRAMICHI website is to provide an online facility that the members of NBGS Miramichi Branch may use to contribute genealogy information on selected topics.

Pages will be created on NBGSWIKI on selected topics and each member will have the opportunity to edit and provide information on each of these pages. An account will be created for each "Paid Up" member. An authentic email address is required to create an account. When their account is created, the member will receive an email requesting them to authenticate their email address. When the member verifies their email address, an email will be sent to them with a password that may be used to "Log In" to NBGSWIKI.

The list of links below will take you to pages that you may edit and add aditional information. Remember you must "Log In" to edit a page in NBGSWIKI.

Profiles of Northumberland County Residents


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