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                                    EDOUARD MALLEY
                          1996 Tabusintac Fisherman of the Year
                                  By Denise Berthelotte

TABUSINTAC – He’s going to try to give it another six years, then Edouard Malley thinks he’ll be calling it quits.

Malley and his cousin Alcide Mallais were both named Tabusintac Fishermen of the Year.

Alcide’s story will appear in an upcoming issue of the Leader.

Malley, 54, of Brantville, said he’s going to try to keep on fishing until he’s 60, but after that it’s all over. “I’m starting to have enough of it now,” he said with a chuckle. He has been fishing since he was 17 making this his 37th year working on the boats.

“Maybe we’ll win the 64/9 and have a really good life,” his wife of 31 years, Marie-Anne, interjected and both laughed.

Malley said fishing has filled the biggest part of his life. Aside from doing it for a living, he also enjoys angling as a sport and of course hunting.

He said his work has also created many good friendships where good times and bad times were shared alike. “There were some nice years in it,” he said adding most fishermen form little groups and hang together even after fishing is over. “Especially during scallop season, we get together on weekends and still we chat about fishing,” he said.

Malley said there were hard times during fishing too, but with a soft-spoken voice said he felt it was all a part of life.

Malley said he’s proud of himself for all his accomplishments during his years of fishing. He said the award is just one way of reminding him of those things. His memories, good and bad, are the others.

                                  Ceremony August 3

Tabusintac fishermen of the year Edouard Malley and Alcide Mallais will be presented with their awards Aug. 3. A dance at the Tabusintac Legion will be held in their honor. The event has been held for the past five or six years. The honored fishermen are presented with a plaque.

“Edouard is one of the nicest men you can meet,” said Paul Breau, president of the Tabusintac fishermen association.

Fishermen of the year are chosen according to the number of years they’ve been fishing.

Source: Miramichi Leader – June 28, 1996

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