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                                         SADIE MATCHETT

At 79, Mrs. G. E. (Sadie) Matchett of South Nelson still finds time to knit and make quilts regularly.

She has just finished her ‘January’ quilt and on her birthday last Thursday was looking forward to beginning the next one. In addition, she has a maze of plants and flowers which are companions for her.

                                     Time never lags on her hands.

Mrs. Matchett is the mother of ten children. One daughter died at eight years of age. With the exception of a son in Halifax, the rest are all married. So today, Mrs. Matchett can boast 36 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

“I prepare for Christmas months ahead,” Mrs. Matchett said on her natal day. “I buy from one to dozens of one item. Not big things, just Christmas reminders.”

                                      Family Home

Mrs. Matchett lives in the home the family built in 1921. They had purchased the property in 1917. “Of course in those days one was grateful to be able to buy anything. Money wasn’t just available to buy the land and put up the house all at one time,” she said.

“We were very fortunate. My husband always had work either at home or away from home. If he was at home, he would be busy cutting wood!” She recalled one winter when her husband had cut ten cords of wood in 16” lengths. This sold for $4 per cord, a good price in those days. “He always felt that cutting wood was better than being idle,” she said.

“Our children were always provided for. They could go to school and attend church.”

In addition to her other activities, Mrs. Matchett finds time to write letters and read. With such a dispersed family, it requires a lot of correspondence. A son lives in London, Ont., two sons in Dryden, Ont., another in Metcalfe, Ont., a daughter in Montreal, another at Moncton, one at McKinleyville, and a son in Halifax. Her brother, Archie Sherrard lives in Dryden, and she has a niece of whom she is very fond living in New Jersey. Just keeping track of such a wide-spread family takes some doing. But it gives purpose to a life which has always centred around the family.

During her younger days, Mrs. Matchett taught a Sunday School class and was active in the Canadian Red Cross. “But my time was spent mostly with my family,” she said.

Mrs. Matchett hasn’t let any grass grow under her feet. She is an avid traveller. She has crossed to England where she has “saw the most beautiful June roses.” Another trip took her to Calgary, Alta., and the annual Stampede. “You don’t hear too much about the Stampede here,” she said, “but it was a most enjoyable experience.”

While visiting her niece, Mrs. Matchett went to the famous gardens in Longwood, Pa.

                                  Acres of Flowers

“We saw three acres of flowers. A most beautiful site. Some were on roof tops and some were in regular beds.”

She said it would do people today good to walk as people used to walk. “I had a fall in the house several years ago and hurt myself. So I am a little afraid of walking up the road in wintertime. I’m frightened of another fall. But I remember how we used to walk. It was good for us.”

Source: North Shore Leader – February 9, 1977

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