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                                             JOE MCMAHON
                                  Moderate Exercise His Health Recipe

While some Canadians are feverishly running and exercising to work themselves into shape, Joe McMahon of Chatham Head takes a more relaxed view of fitness. Mr. McMahon regularly bicycles from his home on Maple Drive in Chatham Head across the Morrissy Bridge to Newcastle.

That may not sound like such an unusual occurrence until one considers Mr. McMahon's age. He turned 86 Saturday.

Age doesn't mean much to the youthful Mr. McMahon. He terms his bicycle riding as "nothing to me at all. I'm only a kitten. He said old age runs in families, noting that he has a 96-year-old sister, Annie, living in Newcastle. A brother died in Boston last year at the age of 92.

Mr. McMahon said that on some days he will bicycle from Chatham Head to Newcastle three times. He said “I’d wheel to Fredericton if it weren't for those cars." Adding that he would take it easy on such a trip, doing "only about I5 miles a day”.

Mr. McMahon always wears a suit and tie when he bicycles and said the heat of a summer day doesn't bother him at all. He noted that a doctor in Fredericton recently told him he had the heart and lungs of a young man.

Bicycling has been a part of his life "for 75 summers" ever since he moved to Newcastle from his birthplace, Bartibogue at the age of ten. He said that he has gone through a number of bikes in that time. Retirement has taken away much of Mr. McMahon's daily activity. “I don't, have much to do now, so I just come over to look around. Once in a while I pick up a little something,” he said.

A painter before retiring, Mr. McMahon said "I had to quit at 80". His secret to good health is simple. "Drink a couple of cups of tea in the morning as soon as you get up to get your stomach working." He agrees that regular moderate exercise is the best path to fitness.

Source: North Shore Leader – May 07, 1975

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