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                                 PEOPLE OF THE PAST
                                  James Mitchell

Peter Mitchell was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. In 1816 he immigrated to New Brunswick where he settled in Newcastle. There he set up a hotel business which prospered until it was destroyed during the Miramichi Fire of 1925.

In 1818 he married Barbara Grant, of the Clan Grant of Spey Side. They had eight children.

Agnes married Patrick Watt and had three children – Jane, William and George.

Bella married George Watt in 1857 and they moved to Alberta where she died in 1873.

Barbara was unmarried and died in 1853.

Jane moved to the USA.

William died in 1845 at twenty-two years of age.

Mary married John Hardy of Ottawa.

Peter went into politics - and we shall have more on him later.

James Mitchell, the youngest child of Peter and Barbara, was born in Newcastle on October 10, 1825 – just three days after the Miramichi Fire. He was the first child born in Northumberland County after the fire.

James was educated at Newcastle Grammar School. In 1853 he married Ann Jane Caldwell, a native of Newcastle. They had several children of which only three reached maturity. William became a civil engineer and moved to British Columbia where he married Lily McLagan. James, a barrister, married Isabella McCurdy and moved to Medicine Hat. Clarence was a civil engineer and also married a McCurdy. He moved to Manitoba.

When Ann Jane died in 1869, James began to court Miss Belle McCurdy of Truro, N.S. whom he married in 1870. They had one son, Charles, who became a barrister and moved to Medicine Hat to practice with his half brother.

From 1855 to 1871 James Mitchell was High Sheriff of Northumberland County. In 1871 he resigned that position to become Inspector of Lights under his brother Peter who at the time was Minister of Marine and Fisheries. He kept the position until retirement.

by Andrew Fraser

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