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                                      CHRISTINA MYLES
                                      By Ruby Campbell

DOAKTOWN – Christina Myles of Doaktown, has recently turned 90.

Many people dream of living a long, healthy life. Myles has lived that dream, and she is still very active.

Born and bred in Doaktown, “I love it here, and nobody is going to get me out of here. I have had a great life,” she smiles, “but I can’t get out and do as much today as I want to do for others,” said Myles.

Myles has done a lot of everything – from caring for people all of her life, being a midwife, and assisting the late Dr. Hamilton in the delivery of 23 babies, “All born here in my home, and I never lost one. They are all living today,” she says proudly. Myles recalls that, “I did that until the nurses thought a baby should be born in the hospital,” she chuckles.

                                 Myles remains very active.

The tall, elegant, gracious and charming lady had a great desire to be a nurse. But, says her grandson who resides with her, “Gram was going to Maine and stay with an uncle and train to be a nurse but she was needed at home to help with the work.” Despite the fact, she has always had a caring and generous nature toward everyone and she has done it “her way”.

“I love to cook and I feel like going out to the pantry and mixing my bread – a man came in last night and I gave him a loaf.”

A week before Christmas, she had knit 104 mittens. “Some little child is going to wear these and be warm – the dear little ones, they are so happy – if you could see the smile on their faces – that is more than all the pay I need. I enjoy doing this for them so much.”

Myles has fond memories of so many people that she has known throughout her life. “They were happy years, I have had a great life – but people don’t come and visit like they used to. “We worked hard back then. It was a happy time, and the neighbors always had time to visit.”

Christina Myles was born Dec. 9, 1904 into a large family. She married Enos Myles when she was 16. They had one daughter, who lives in Fredericton. She has three grandchildren, all boys.

Her husband was a shoe maker and a veteran of World War I and World War II. He passed away in 1988 at the age of 90. “I miss him, its lonesome,” she says. “There are things I would like to talk to him about.”

Myles recalls when she and her husband cut the trees and cleared the land for their home. “We had three lots, and after a while when we got a little more money, we got the lumber from Moncton and built this house. They were happy days, I wish those days were back,” she says. Her beautiful and comfortable home is surrounded by huge trees from which bird houses hang outside her window.

These days her life revolves around her home, her family and friends and her beloved Siamese cat Nicki who is 20 years old. “I don’t know what I would do without him and Sam.” Sam is a grey and white cat she rescued in a snowstorm. She remembers, “I saw one evening what I thought was a white piece of paper over in the Baptist Cemetery across the road.” The next morning she investigated and, “I found this tiny kitten who had been abandoned. “I picked it up and I cried all the way home – he was still alive, but had been out all night in the storm.” Myles applied her nursing skills and today Sam is a member of the household.

Now that her birthday celebration is over, Myles is awaiting another – the celebration of spring when she sees the first robin from her window.

Source: Miramichi Leader – January 17, 1995

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