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                                         SIMON SAVOY
                           Simon Savoy loved hunting, fishing, water
                                          By Gail Savoy

A former co-worker of Simon Savoy says he will be sadly missed by his family and friends. Sam Williamson described him as a man who loved the outdoors, saying Savoy enjoyed both hunting and fishing.

Born on February 28, 1940, Savoy was a lifelong resident of Newcastle. After graduating from high school he was hired to work in the lab at the former Nelson Kraft Mill.

“That’s where we first became co-workers,” said Williamson. Williamson joined the Newcastle Town Police in 1967 and Savoy was hired as a police constable in 1969. “H. F. (Hood) Crossman was police chief when Simon was hired.”

Williamson said during Savoy’s police career he served as president of the police union Cupe Local 1275. “He held that position for many years.”

Savoy attained the rank or corporal in the police department. In 1987, Savoy joined the staff of the Newcastle Civic Center, retiring as a member of the city recreation department in 1998.

“Simon enjoyed hunting and fishing and was also a scuba diver,” said Williamson. Savoy had recently restored an old fishing boat that was used for his pleasure sailing on the Miramichi River. “He loved the water,” Williamson said.

Savoy is survived by wife Peggy, two sons Darwin and Garth, daughter Krista, and two grandsons Simon and Jeremy; brothers Bill, Fred and Ronnie and sister Anna.

He was predeceased by his parents Simon and Margaret.

The funeral arrangements were being made at press time.

Simon Savoy was “outstanding father”

Simon Joseph Savoy was killed in a hit and run accident on New Year’s Day. Funeral services were held on Thursday. His daughter, Krista, gave the following eulogy.

Dad was born in Newcastle, Feb. 28, 1940. He lived on the same street all his life. His parents were Simon and Marguerite Savoy. He had one sister, Anna, and three brothers, William, Frederick (Tookie), and Ronnie.

Dad had many old friends. To them he was known as Deeda. I recall many stories Dad used to tell us about his childhood friends and how they used to have such good times along the riverbank.

He graduated from St. Michael’s high school in 1959. On Jan. 30, 1965, he married my mother, Peggy from Barnaby River. He had two sons, Darwin who is married to Angele and has two sons, Simon and Jeremy; and Garth from Vancouver, BC. Then along came me, Krista, his little girl.

Dad started working at the co-op right after high school until 1964 when he worked for the South Nelson Mill. In 1969, he went to work for the Newcastle Town Police. He retired from policing in 1983 and went to parks and recreation until he retired in 1999, with over 30 years of service in the town of Newcastle.

Dad, you were such a wonderful man, husband, brother, uncle, poppie, and especially an outstanding father. You had a love for life. A fun and carefree spirit.

I remember at a very young age following you around the yard. I will never forget the playhouse you built just for me. It was complete with a kitchen and patio. It even had my own little mailbox. When I think back now, you must have asked the mailman to put flyers in my mailbox for me, as there always seemed to be mail in there. I remember you would knock on my little door. I would invite you in. In you would often come with a 6 inch pizza. I would get out my Holly Hobby dishes and together we would sit at my little play table. You were my world! A big man like you sitting down at my little play table looking out the little curtained window, all made by you.

I can honestly say I never doubted your love for me. You always had a way of making many others feel loved and supported also.

When you weren’t working, you would be found working in the yard doing something. You were forever changing the landscape or deciding on the spur of the moment to build a new home.

You loved to laugh. You could always tell when you really enjoyed someone’s company when you would torment them like there was no tomorrow. I must say you could give it, but you never minded getting it back.

You were always doing something or thinking up new ideas for concoctions. For the record, I don’t think anyone believed you were actually growing some of your hair back.

You are the only one I know who would build something then sell it as quick as you made it. You rarely took the time to enjoy your new project. You’d rather see someone else enjoying it.

You also loved to play cards. To sit around a table full of friends to laugh and eat. Oh how you loved to eat! I loved to tease you that with your old age came your passion for eating and sleeping.

You had a love for anything to do with the outdoors. Some of which were hunting, fishing, boating and prospecting. This love you passed down to your sons, Darwin and Garth. Darwin also received some of your stubbornness, your hair loss, and your soft heart, while Garth received your sense of humour and your quick wit.

Your love for adventure and your thirst for knowledge I can see in your namesake, Simon. I promise you Dad, that I will continue to encourage these traits in him. I know how much your both enjoyed your Friday night boys’ night.

To your Goddaughter, Sacha, whom you loved like a daughter, she received your leftover stubbornness, but lucked out at receiving your gift at making people see the good in people, and for seeing the other side of things.

You left mom with many decks of used cards. She is left alone now to gamble in what we call life. You both had a special relationship. You were going to celebrate your 40th wedding anniversary at the end of this month. You were both just starting to look forward to growing old together. We will look after her Dad. I know you would want her to enjoy and live her life to the fullest.

As for me, I gained your wisdom and your compassion for others. Best of all, we enjoy the same sense of humor. You could always make me laugh. I will miss our games of one to 10. When I look in the mirror, I see your eyes, your smile and your unruly thick eyebrows. The best compliment I could ever get is for someone to say they see in me a little piece of you!

I will love you forever, Daddy. And I will always be your little girl.

We will carry you eternally in our hearts. Our family will stay strong and never forget you, although we will probably never understand why this tragic accident happened. Our family can only hope that God took your hand and your parents and Shinnie were there to escort you on going Home!

Source: Miramichi Leader – January 4, 2005

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