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By the time Gilbert Vautour was born in St Louis de Kent, N.B. on February 21, 1837, the Vautour family had already been in Canada for about 170 years!

He was one of eleven children of Eustache Vautour and Henriette Ouellett of St. Louis de Kent. Sometime in the mid 1840’s, Eustache and Henriette left Kent County and relocated in Neguac, Northumberland County. Reasons for this move are unknown, although Eustache’s uncle Alexis Vautour (1777-1824) had made a move to the area much earlier. They received a land grant for 100 acres on the Old Stymiest Road, Lower Neguac in 1858 but did not reside there very long. By 1871, the family, with the exception of Gilbert, had returned to Kent County.

Gilbert married Emilie Breault in Neguac June 24, 1860. She was the daughter of Amateur Breau and Genevieve Martin, born July 10, 1841 in Northumberland County. They started a farm on a land grant on the Old Stymiest Road next to his fathers land, at the corner of Grattan Road. They remained on their own land when Gilbert’s parents and family returned to Kent County. By 1881, there were eight children.

Gilbert died December 7, 1889 in Neguac at a young age after a very hard life pioneering in Alnwick Parish. He had many descendants. Most Vautours in Northumberland County are descendants of Gilbert and Emilie, and most still reside in the Neguac area.

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