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                                    WILFRED & STANLEY VENOIT
                                           By John Copp

Some interesting notes on the hockey-playing Venoit brothers, from Chatham:

In settling into their new American life, the boys changed their names to Veno and settled in the Hartford area, where they established their hockey careers. Wilfred died on October 10, 1986 in Hamden, Conn. And Stanley died in November 1958 in New Haven, Conn.

                                  Both have surviving family in the area.

An interesting note in the life of Wilfred Veno comes from the archives of Time Magazine and involved a car accident that Wilfred and his mother Mrs. Mary Veno were involved in in 1928.

An automobile moving down Livingston Street in New Haven was struck by a car coming out suddenly from a side street. In the investigation, one car was operated by John Coolidge, son of President Coolidge, and his passenger was William Cunningham, the chauffeur for Governor Turnbull of Connecticut. Both were returning from the governor’s home in Plainville, Conn. The young Coolidge was travelling to his work as the clerk for the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad.

The second car was operated by Wilfred Veno, well-known professional hockey player in the Hartford area, and his passenger was his mother, Mrs. Mary Veno. Wilfred Veno was the only accident victim who was received serious injury with a skull fracture and a cut on his neck, the other victims were only shaken up.

When news of the accident was received in Washington, D.C., President Coolidge dispatched his personal physician Major James F. Coupal to the Hartford area to care for the Venos. Also, Col. Edward W. Starling of the Street Service was sent to watch over John Coolidge. This had been the first time the Coolidge boy had been allowed to go to the community without his Secret Service guard.

Wilfred did recover from his accident and the police investigation declared the accident ‘unavoidable’ and the police did not charge John Coolidge – another interesting note from the lives of the hockey-playing Veno brothers from Chatham.

Source: Miramichi Leader – June 13, 2011

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