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Dr. John Vondy; born c. 1820 in Miramichi, N.B., son of Thomas Vondy and Margaret A. McCullam; died 29 June 1847 on Middle Island, N.B.

John Vondy’s father came to Miramichi in 1816 from the Isle of Man and operated a store in Chatham for many years. John was educated in Chatham and then went to England to complete his medical studies. On his return he apparently practised medicine in Woodstock for three or four years before setting up in Chatham, where he opened an office in a local hotel, "Heas Hotel", in April 1847.

On June 3, 1847, with the arrival of the Looshtauk out of Dublin, Dr. Vondy was appointed to attend to the sick that were in quarantine on Middle Island. The Looshtauk was on the water seven weeks with 467 passengers. One hundred seventeen died on the passage. Another one hundred were too sick to be saved.

On June 4, the brig Richard White arrived with more sick. The following week, the barque Bolivar arrived with seven of the crew ill. Many immigrants died on Middle island and some were brought ashore by night to be buried; however, over 100 were buried on the island itself.

Dr. Vondy worked day and night to attend to the sick but he, too, took sick and was confined to bed on the 25th of June. He died on June 29 at the age of twenty-seven. His remains were placed in an airtight double coffin and taken to St. Paul's Church for burial. Beloved by the community he served, upon hearing of his death, all shops closed and business suspended throughout the day.

Thomas Vondy born c1797 on Isle of Man, England: came to NB in 1816 and settled in Chatham, Northumberland County: married Margaret A. McCullam born c1793: had at least six children:
Children mentioned:

  • 1) John Vondy born c1820, died 29 Jun 1847 at Middle Island, NB:
  • 2) Thomas Vondy Jr. born 14 May 1824, died 6 Mar 1886 at Chatham, NB, m. 1852 Janet Dorothea Shirreff d/o Adam Dixon Shirreff and Jane Hunter: settled in Chatham, NB:
  • 3) Elizabeth Vondy born about 1827:
  • 4) Margaret A. Vondy born c1829:
  • 5) Sophia Vondy born c1832:
  • 6) Isaac W. Vondy born c1835.

Source: MC80/2184 W.D. Hamilton’s Dictionary of Miramichi Biography

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